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BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser 5L

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BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser is a highly effective Virucidal, Bactericidal and Fungicidal cleaner disinfectant. Highly effective kill to EN14476, EN13697, EN1276, EN13623, EN1650. This product has residual action, reducing risks between cleans. It is also highly effect when used through fogging machines. Biohygiene’s technology has created greener, as well as advanced ways to clean. 

Directions & Dilutions

Dilution for 750ml spray bottle: 1:100 water or 2 x 4ml pumps.

Dulition for 5L bucket: 1:100 water or 2 x 30ml pumps

Spray and leave for required contact time (15 seconds for enveloped viruses, 30 seconds for bacteria) before wiping.

Features & Benefits

*100% Biodegradable in addition to being carbon neutral

*Effective through fogging machines

*Safer than traditional disinfecting methods