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BioHygiene Complete Washroom Cleaner 5L

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BioHygiene Complete Washroom Cleaner 5L can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Complete Washroom Cleaners – An enzyme and microbial biotech product designed to tackle all washroom areas offering superior cleaning, as well as odour control using renewable and sustainable ingredients. It immediately removes body fat, scale and other specific washroom contaminants, in addition to leaving surfaces streak free.

Directions & Dilutions

For all washroom surfaces

Dilution for 750ml spray bottle: 1:50 water or 4 x 4ml pumps.

Dulition for 5L bucket: 1:50 water or 3 x 30ml pumps

For toilets as well as urinals:

Duilute 1:5 water or 5 x 30ml pumps

Do not rinse after use as invisible biofilms offer residual protection.

Features & Benefits

*100% Biodegradable in addition to a reduced carbon footprint

*Removes odours at source

*Biofilms offer residual protection