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Z Fold BLUE Hand Towels 1ply (Case of 3,000)

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Z Fold BLUE Hand Towels 1ply (Case of 3,000) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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The Blue Z Fold Hand Towels are good value, self-presenting towels that are hygienic and also economical to use.  The towels are dispensed open, so the whole towel is utilized, and they are folded and stacked in such a way that each towel is only touched by the user.  Manufactured in the UK, they are ideal for use in all kinds of environments such as hotels, restaurants, workshops and offices.  These are popular, cost effective, disposable hand towels which fit most plastic or steel hand towel dispensers. 

Features & Benefits

*Cost effective

*Improves efficiency with reduced wastage

*Soft as well as absorbent

*Fit our hand towel dispenser

*3,000 z-fold towels per case

*1 ply, blue