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Breaker – Poolside Cleaner/Descaler 5L

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Breaker - Poolside Cleaner/Descaler 5L can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Breaker – a highly effective cleaners/descaler designed to remove severe water scale as well as body fats. It is ideal for use in health clubs, sports centres, changing rooms, shower areas and also swimming pools. Breaker can also be used as a deep-cleaning toilet descaler for stainless steel urinals and toilets.

Direction & Dilutions

Dilute as required. Apply using a mop or machine. Leave for a few minutes before agitating and then extract as much liquid as possible. Rinse thoroughly, taking care to minimise any contamination of the pool.

Heavily Soiled areas: dilute 1:10 with water

Medium Soiled areas: dilute 1:40 with water

Lightly Soiled areas: dilute 1:80 with water

Features & Benefits

  • Removes sever water scale and body fat
  • Controlled application for cleaning pool walls
  • Safe for use on all surface, including stainless steel

*Also available in 1L bottles.