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Centrepull Toilet Rolls (6 x 200m)

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Centrepull Toilet Rolls (6 x 200m) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Our Centrepull toilet rolls are a cheaper alternative to the Lotus SmartOne System.  Supplied in a pack of 6, each fully enclosed Centrepull roll has 200 metres of tightly packed toilet tissue meaning you get more tissue for your money, and its jumbo size means less time is spent replacing rolls.  The clever design of the single sheet dispensing cuts down on wastage and therefore reduces your tissue consumption by up to 40%.  This cost effective, hygienic washroom solution is suitable for all workplace environments.

Features & Benefits

*Cost effective

*Single tissue feed system

*Reduced tissue consumption

*Low maintenance

*6 packs x 200m per case

*2 ply, white