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Deb Azure Hand Soap 6 x 1 litres

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Deb Azure Hand Soap 6 x 1 litres can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Deb Azure Foam Hand Soap is a highly effective foaming soap. It is perfect for frequent daily use removing general grime and dirt.  A great skincare product for use in washroom areas in offices, education, nurseries, public facilities, healthcare and also aged care. This high quality silky-smooth foam provides a very pleasant hand washing experience as well as leaving the skin fresh after use.  Only one dose is required for an effective hand wash, providing the equivalent of up to 43% more hand washes compared to standard lotion soap, therefore making it highly economical.

Features & Benefits

*Highly economical

*Pleasantly fragranced

*Saves up to 45% on water consumption

*Environmentally Certified

*6 x 1 litres per box