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Buster Extra Beaded Hand Soap 5 Litres

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Buster Extra Beaded Hand Soap 5 Litres can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Buster Extra with Scrubbing Agents and Citrus Oils.

An orange scented hand cleaner containing scrubbing agents for added cleaning power and also citrus oils for mildness.  Buster Extra has a non-drip formulation has been updated to meet new UK and EU legislation, omitting polybeads, yet it suffers no loss of power, benefitting instead from the addition of newly formulated scrubbing agents. Suitable for removing oil, grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint and plaster, as well as creosote, mud and ground in soils from the skin. Widely used in industrial environments such as garages, workshops and factories.  

Dispenser options available on request.

Features & Benefits

*High performing, degreasing hand cleaner

*Free from Polybeads

*Mild, fresh orange scent

*Non-drip formulation