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Evans Epic Power Cleaner & Descaler 1L

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Evans Epic Power Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler is a highly effective toilet and washroom cleaner. It quickly removes limescale as well as soap scum and leaves taps and chrome fitting clean and bright. This ideal all purpose product is good for cleaning toilets, backs, sinks and showers. 

For use in toilets and urinals: apply undiluted and leave for 2 minutes, agitate with a toilet brush if necessary and flush with clean water.

For use on sinks, baths and tiles: apply Evans Epic Power undiluted, wipe with a damp cloth before rinsing with clean water.

Features & Benefits

*Clean and refreshing fragrance

*Effective daily cleaner

*Suitable for regular use on porcelain and also stainless steel

*Removes grime and limescale