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Gojo Luxury Foam Handwash 3 x 1250ml cartridges




This luxury foam handwash is a rich, gentle, luxury foam handwash, pre-lathered for a convenient and pleasing experience.  Made with GOJO SMART-FLEX™ technology and SANITARY SEALED™, it is translucent pink in colour and has a pleasant cranberry fragrance.  This product is extremely economical to use, providing significantly more handwashes than traditional liquid soap dispensers.  59% of ingredients are from plant sources;  jojoba oil, aloe, wheat amino acids, corn oil, vitamin E, naturally derived glycerin, and ingredients derived from coconut oil. 
Dispenser options available on request.
Features & Benefits
*For general, light duty cleaning
*Pleasant cranberry fragrance
*59% ingredients from plant sources
*Rich and gentle
*3 x 1250ml per case