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Deluxe Hygiene Mop Heads 200g

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Deluxe Hygiene Mop Heads 200g can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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Deluxe Hygiene Socket Mops are durable, machine washable in addition to being super absorbent. The mops are manufactured using a unique blend of cotton and high quality synthetic yarns. They are also fitted with the ‘RHP’ colour coded socket which is compatible with most types of mop handles. These loop ended mops with a stay flat band allow more of the mop to remain in contact with the floor, therefore reducing cleaning times and increasing productivity.
Features & Benefits
*Absorbent as well as durable
*For use with aluminium handles
*Stayflat looped end mop
*Yarn weight approx 200 gram
*Available in 4 colour sockets – Blue, Yellow, Green and Red