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Super Laundry Liquid 5 Litres

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Super Non-Biological Laundry Liquid is a perfumed, premium grade washing detergent suitable for all types of washing machines. It is formulated to tackle stubborn stains, leaving laundry clean and smelling fresh. Suitable for both hard and soft water areas, yet it is still effective in low temperature wash programmes. Used in both machine and hand washing.

For general use: 150-300mls per 10kg of washing, dependent on soiling as well as water hardness. 

Normal soiling: 15ml per 1kg of clothing, dry weight.

Heavy soiling: increase the dosage to 20ml per 1kg of dry clothing.

Features & Benefits

*Suitable for sensitive skin

*Fresh fragrance

*Effective in low temperature washes

*Biodegradable and also Phosphate free