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Prochem Trafficlean Carpet Cleaning Solution (5 litres)

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Prochem Trafficlean Carpet Cleaning Solution (5 litres) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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A concentrated formula for pre-spraying and spot cleaning of heavily soiled areas of carpet before extraction cleaning. Trafficlean contains a powerful blend of surfactants and water based solvents for effective soil and grease removal. Trafficlean can also be used as a booster to extraction machine solutions.
Dilutions & Directions
For general prespray: mix 100ml per litre of water.
Heavy soil and grease: mix 250ml per litre of water
Apply by sprayer to all heavily soiled areas and spots then agitate with a brush, before following up with an extraction clean.
Features & Benefits
*Turquoise green liquid with mint fragrance
*Industrial strength high concentrate formula
*Designed for use in the commercial cleaning industry