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Red Dissolving Laundry Sacks (Box of 200)


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Red Dissolving Laundry Sacks are specifically designed to be a highly effective method of preventing disease dispersion by providing a barrier between the contents and the user.  Each sack can be filled with soiled linen and then loaded directly into the washing machine where the water-soluble seam and tie closure will effectively dissolve at 20 degrees during the wash cycle.  At the end, the remnants of the polythene sacks can be disposed of simply.  The sacks can be used as integral liners in collection containers or as independent storage bags for soiled or contaminated items (i.e. used continence pads and bed linen) prior to laundering, thus minimising the risk of cross contamination or direct exposure to waste materials or body fluids.

Features & Benefits

*Removes the need for direct contact with soiled garments

*Safe for all types of washing machines

*18 x 28 x 27 inches, 45 litre capacity

*200 Laundry Sacks per box

*Effective prevention of cross-contamination

*Dissolves at temperatures as low as 20 degrees